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Lower Level Dropped Objects

Wayne Bradford Transocean

Learnings from recent Transocean incidents within the UK where items have fallen from lower heights. The Transocean statistics for 2015 showed 25 dropped object incidents recorded and all were classified as dynamic.  Eight of these incidents were under 5m and four of those resulted in injury to personnel.   These four incidents were items falling from a maximum 2m and a description of each incident was presented in detail including the height and weight of the object, and where the IP was struck.
As a result of these incidents, there was a recognition that lower level items do occur and a renewed focus was required at each site.  Several photos taken from various sites showed the prevalence of poor practice, with items simply propped up or inadequately tied up at lower levels. There appeared to be a lack of vigilance for potential dropped objects at these lower heights and little recognition of their potential to cause damage or injury. Brad emphasised that anything that is secured and stored at any height should be properly maintained, inspected and used appropriately.
It was also reiterated that when using the DROPS Calculator, a person’s height should not be deducted from object’s fall height.

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