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Dropped Objects Can Kill


Kirsty Walker Schlumberger

Kirsty introduced the Forum to the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and their data collection and data processing. IOGP is a global member organisation and members voluntarily report a variety of incident data including Occupational Safety; Environmental, Process Safety etc. The data gathered is secure and anonymous. It is comprehensive and global with data covering 4,719 million work hours submitted by 49 of the 57 IOGP company members in 2015. Kirsty demonstrated the various data sets and some of the methods of interrogating the statistics. The data is continuously updated and published annually (next update June).
Data can be filtered by country and region; work function, eg drilling, production, exploration; incident category, activity etc. There are a wide variety of reports available from the dataset, including Fatalities, TRIR, LTIF etc.
Data can be interrogated by standard causal factors or life saving rules.  While dropped objects fall within the “Struck By” incident category, they can be more specifically filtered using the Life Saving Rule for Dropped Objects and this shows that 5% of the global fatalities from 2006 to 2015 can be attributed to Dropped Objects.  Reporting for the period 2010 to 2015 shows the same top 5 for both fatal incidents and HiPos, where 12% of all fatalities were attributed to Work at Height. 

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