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Company and Site-specific Training

DROPS can support your Company or Site-specific training and assessment requirements with the development and tailoring of bespoke dropped object prevention training based on DROPS Train the Trainer course templates and recommendations (see DROPS Train the Trainer section for synopsis and further details).

These programs are fully customised over a minimum of 2 days and delivered at your worksite - either on or offshore and in any region worldwide.


The customisation process would align the dropped object training with your existing safety management procedures and identify and address problems, gaps and improvement opportunities in your corporate and/or localised dropped object prevention practices.

A typical workscope may include:

  • A review of your Dropped Object Prevention Management Scheme against DROPS recommendations and an assessment of site practices against the Scheme

  • Developing an improvement strategy based on the gaps identified and an implementation plan consistent with corporate requirements

  • Delivery of DROPS Train the Trainer and general DROPS Awareness with a corporate focus and actual site / company data, procedures and findings, inc practical support for Focal Points and DROPS SMEs

  • Providing onsite feedback and practical DROPS awareness level training/coaching (eg dropped object inspections and worksite hazard management)
  • Assisting with implementation and integration of DROPS Best Practices and Recommendations into existing work processes and procedures, eg Tools at Height, Restricted Access/Red Zone Areas, Workplace Checklists

  • Considering opportunities, eg events and awareness tools, to engage the broader supply chain in the principles of DROPS

  • Practical application of Dynamic inspections, unplanned inspections and “Hazard Hunts”

  • Face-time with your DROPS Champion and Focal Points
  • Provision of support resources and materials (eg Reliable Securing booklets;
    DROPS Calculators).


Typical deliverables would include:

  • A documented gap assessment including the validation of your Company Dropped Object Prevention Management Scheme based on DROPS / Industry Best Practice

  • A documented improvement and implementation strategy, based on the gaps and improvement opportunities identified

  • Train the Trainer and DROPS General Awareness delivered to personnel and leadership to sustain and cascade DROPS training in the company / region

  • A site specific DROPS Training and Awareness Programme consistent with Company Scheme and DROPS recommendations, including all necessary presentation, delivery and support materials. 

All Company or Site- specific training requirements are considered and assessed on an individual basis. For further information and to discuss a training proposal, contact DROPS Training at