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DROPS Awareness eLearning

This new, interactive eLearning course from DROPS is delivered through the DROPS Academy and can be uploaded into your own company LMS (Learning Management System). Please contact for more information on discounted rates for bulk orders and customisation options.

DROPS Awareness eLearning Costs

DROPS Awareness eLearning course per learner (inclusive of certificate of completion*): £39.95**

Discounted rate per learner for DROPS Members only: £31.96** (you can contact to obtain your discount code)

You can access the DROPS Academy here! Registration is free.

Further discounted rates of up to 50% are available for bulk orders. These can be fulfilled through the DROPS Academy or your own company LMS***.

Customisation options are also available to have the course fit your branding, specific procedures and operational pictures! To find out more, contact

* The course certificate is one of completion only, and does not offer any official endorsement or accreditation from DROPS, nor does it authorise any persons to take part in any dropped object related activity. 

** Price is exclusive of VAT, this may be applied at checkout depending on your location.

*** The Learner Management System fulfilment route is dependent on the companies LMS being able to accept a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) file. Where most modern platforms will accept them, please check with the relevant department first. 


The DROPS Awareness eLearning Course is an interactive learning program that explores how industry prevents dropped objects at the worksite and at each stage of project lifecycles. 

Delivered at an awareness level, it covers the DROPS Recommended Practice in it's entirety, and will give the learner an appreciation of where and how dropped objects occur and how we can prevent and control them across a wide range of activities.

The training is based upon Industry and DROPS Forum lessons learned and associated best practices. The training is suitable for offshore and onshore audiences and captures the best practice and lessons learned by the DROPS Workgroup and its members.

The DROPS Awareness eLearning Course is also available in Spanish!


On completion of the course, learners will have gained an awareness level understanding of the following topics:

  • Dropped Object definitions, common causes and consequences (DROPS Calculator)
  • Pre-task considerations and inspections
  • Risk assessment, Hierarchy of Controls and the Bow Tie Model
  • Best practice recommendations for the securing of equipment and tools at the worksite (DROPS Reliable Securing)
  • Zone management (Red Zones/No-go Zones)
  • DROPS in processes and procedures


For further information on the DROPS Awareness eLearning course, please contact