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AquaTerra Group Limited

Specialist Access, Inspection and Training

AquaTerra has been a member of DROPS for over 10 years and provides an experienced team from Management through to Inspector. The entire team involved in DROPS has a firm grounding in inspection, management, and training, assuring competence, consistency, and continuity.

AquaTerra provides qualified Inspectors to conduct dropped object surveys as a primary control measure to reduce the potential for dropped objects. With a variety of access techniques available, including rope access and tension decking, our teams safely access all areas at height, ensuring a comprehensive baseline inspection of all items of equipment and highlighting potential hazards.

Our innovative team have a strong track record in problem solving complex issues and can offer specifically tailored solutions according to individual client requirement. We provide experience in the delivery of both inspection services and procedural development.

Where appropriate, our personnel can remove potential hazards or effect immediate repairs and interim security pending full repair or replacement.