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PVD Offshore Services

Drilling, Inspection, Maintenance and Response.

Founded in 2007 on the merger of two subsidiaries, and 100% owned by PV Drilling, PVD Offshore has provided its core services on a large scale, which occupied the majority of oil and gas service market in supplying:

  • Drilling manpower supply services;

  • Inspection, maintenance and workshop services;

  • Oil spill response services.

Since its establishment, the business of PVD Offshore has gained a constant growth:

  • The drilling team has more than 750 technicians, ensuring the continuous supply of many different positions for 15 - 16 at the same time operating rigs in Vietnam and overseas including 6 PV Drilling’s rigs.

  • Fabrication, repair, inspection and maintenance services of drilling equipment thrived and earned the trust of customers. The company also continued to research in expanding its scope to provide more advanced services such as threading in accordance with the copyright of VAM, TENARIS, Flange Fabrication, Rope Access Service, Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Drydocking, etc. to meet the increasing demands of the market.       

  • Oil spill response service of PVD Offshore has been deployed for 20 years and currently occupies more than 90% market share in Vietnam. With the total assignment of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and the corporation to coordinate with NASOS (National Southern Oil Spill Response Center) in managing the oil spill response activities in the southern region of Vietnam, PVD Offshore has improved its competence incessantly and demonstrated the maturity of the company.