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Rig Shield for Drilling Services

Rig Shield is one of the most world’s leading providers of Rig Inspection Services. Rig Shield for Drilling Services is one of leading respectful service company specialized in different rig inspection services established outside Egypt. And branched out in Egypt in January 2023 as one of our expanding steps in the middle east, taking great pride in reflecting on our growth and our professionalism as the best competent company in Rig Inspection services with IADC certified inspectors according to the requirements of different standards. Rig shield has completed the American/Canadian ISO verification making it the first company in Egypt who acquire a Canadian/American ISO verification rather than the Egyptian and the Indian verification.

Main services that rig shield engaged the industry with:

  1. Full Rig Condition Surveys (FCS), Rig Auditing (RA), Rig Acceptance & Rig Commissioning and Assessment
  2. Lifting gear Inspection, Rope Access & Dropped Object Survey.
  3. Rental of downhole and drilling equipment services.
  4. Rig Equipment overhauling