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Rig Surveys Group

Offshore Survey Company.

We are a dynamic team with over 20 years experience servicing the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit market in the UK, Europe, USA and around the World. Our comprehensive range of IRM Inspection repair and maintenance services for the Drilling Industry make us a reliable choice for quality and safety. Our start up since 2013 has ensured our DNA is applied to all parts of our business with a fast growing customer profile with the leading international and local Drilling contractors. Our “Drilling Deeper for Detail” and our “Quality and Service Delivered” slogans are key to our growth and our customers’ expectations, along with value for money.

Rig Surveys Group incorporates Rig Surveys Limited (UK) and Rig Surveys Inc (USA) to provide a number of key services to the offshore industry:

  • NDT Inspection

  • Rope Access Services

  • Lifting Equipment Surveys

  • Hoisting/Handling Tool Inspections

  • Dropped Object Surveys

  • Wall Thickness Surveys

  • Derrick Inspection

  • SPS Surveys

  • Rig IRM