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DROPS Asia Webinar - 11 August 2020

SUMMARY of Webinar on DROPS Inspections/Audits/Surveys

Prepared by Kamsin Sajnani, Akshay S. Manjramkar, Sourabh Hulawale and Omkar Khodke of the MIT World Peace University

Due to the dynamic nature of operations carried out in O&G Industry, the Dropped Objects incidents are increasing with time. Thus, to design the Prevention Strategy for dropped objects, the role of Internal Inspections and Third Party Inspections has gotten significant. Various Operators, Drilling Contractors, Service and Inspection companies are zeroing in on the most proficient method to oversee such internal and third party inspections effectively.

The webinar talked about how different operators, drilling contractors, service and inspection companies do their internal inspection and third party inspections, the frequency of conducting such inspections, deliverables of their inspections and the required competencies for the inspector. These were addressed with the help of different industry professionals. 

The first speaker was Mrs. Afizza Anis Abdul Rahman, who was the newly appointed Head of Wells HSE from Petronas, and she shared her perspective of Petronas on DROPS inspections.

The subsequent speaker was Mr. Allen Smith, trainer and facilitator with DROPS global. He focused on the importance of reliable securing or secondary retention, available tools and publications on DROPS forum about different secondary retention techniques. His special emphasis was on what are Split pins/ cotter pins, their design and installation procedure. He likewise examined about the learnings from IOGP/ CAA workgroup on helideck inspections.

The third speaker was Mr. Sagar Raut, HSE Manager from Seadrill. He talked about Seadrill’s approach for internal and third party DROPS inspection, about DROPS strategy, DROPS survey, training and competence. 

The last speaker was Mr. Cameron Stevens who shared how technology can assist in improving DROPS inspections using an Augmented Reality Head device. With the help of this gadget, one can snap a picture of any equipment or tool and check whether its plan and establishment is as per the best suggested rehearses from DROPS or not. Likewise, one can store the information during examination in the gadget and can refresh as well. With the assistance of this gadget, one can take the assistance of topic specialists through calling him/her while conducting an inspection. 

Following the presentations, there was a Q&A session, for which a large virtual whiteboard was used. This worksheet also included the contact details and presentations from various industry professionals. A special thanks to the team at RP Squared for volunteering to facilitate this.

Please see a copy of the whiteboard attached

This webinar gave an insight about how various companies plan the preventive strategies on the Dropped Objects, assessments with their own wellbeing approaches alongside DROPS suggested best practices. 

We had some technical difficulties with the Teams live event meeting and some of the scheduled presenters could not log in. We thank Simon Walker from Transocean, Phil Rusden from Borr Drilling and William Lai from Baker Hughes for preparing. 

165 participants from a mix of drilling contractors, operators, service majors, inspection companies as well as non-oil and gas joined this webinar, a record for the DROPS Asia chapter. 

The following speakers have agreed to record their presentation after the webinar and we have posted these videos on our YouTube Channel here

  • Keynote - Mrs. Afizza Anis Abdul Rahman, Head of HSE Wells at Petronas Carigali
  • Overview of DROPS publications related to inspections, Kamsin Sajnani, Akshay S. Manjramkar, Sourabh Hulawale and Omkar Khodke of the MIT World Peace University
  • DROPS Global Update – Allen Smith, Facilitator & Trainer at DROPS Global
  • Drilling Contractor Perspective – Sagar Raut, HSSEQ Manager Asia Pac & Middle East, Seadrill
  • Service Provider Perspective – William Lai, QHSE Leader Asia Pacific, Baker Hughes
  • Head Mounted Tablet for hands free inspections - Cameron Stevens, Solutions Engineer at RealWear Inc.
  • Various Q&A - Allen Smith & Joachim van der Meulen, DROPS Global & DROP Asia. 

This webinar was sponsored by Dropsafe. Please check the interview with Mike Rice on their latest helideck perimeter netting product. 

For the next webinar, the DROPS Asia Chapter are exploring how Machine Learning can support with Red Zone Management. If you have experience in this subject and would be willing to share this with the DROPS community, please contact the chapter secretary at

For questions about this and future webinars, please contact the DROPS Asia Chapter secretary Joachim van der Meulen at