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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 30 April 2019

DROPS Summary – Allen Smith, DROPS

Allen provided an update from DROPS Admin. Please click here to download the update.

Two Safety Alerts were shown, please download them here:

Click here to download the summary presentation.

Intrepid Toe boards & Self-closing gates – Walter Haulez, ISP

ISP have developed a versatile toe board link system suitable for application to gratings. These can be used to create protection around any shape of opening in gratings or used as corners and couplings with flat plate. Click here to download the presentation. Further information on ISP products is available directly from ISP or email Walter at

Walter also presented some informative data relating to Self-closing Safety Gate standards and how ISP have tested the Intrepid products. Click here to download the presentation. Further information on these tests is available directly from ISP or email Walter at

Marine Safety Forum Update – Steve Struthers, TideWater

Steve presented a Marine Safety Forum update on recent incidents and findings, many of which may have had serious consequences to personnel. It appears the same issues are prevalent and presenting potential dropped object hazards throughout the logistics supply chain.

The session raised some questions relating to personnel awareness and competence, checklist content, quality of pre-lift inspections and the time allowed for them, lack of ownership and accountability and lack of robust follow ups.

Item to be placed on Steering Committee agenda, all in attendance urged to revisit the guidance available through MSF, DROPS, UKOG. Click here to download the presentation.

CTLF Incident Sharing - Steve Murphy, TAQA

Detailed analysis of the Coiled Tubing Lift Frame incident Shared Learning. For further details on how all Parties are reviewing causal factors and implementing improvements, please contact

Download and share the Shared Learning here.

IOGP Update – Kirsty Walker, Schlumberger

Kirsty presented on behalf of IOGP on their Safety Initiatives. Further to detailed analysis of incident data, IOGP has enhanced and consolidated a consistent set of Life Saving Rules and associated icons.

These are currently being rolled out by a number of IOGP member organisations, along with informative awareness videos. Click here to download the presentation.
Animations and the rules are all available on the IOGP website at or email for more information.

Deck Management Systems & AI – Shreyas Koliyot, Tech 27

Shreyas presented a comprehensive deck management system package and an overview of next generation tools that exploit intuitive Artificial Intelligence software linked to standard camera systems. These systems are well-suited to zone management applications.
Click here to download the presentation, or visit

Team Work and Any Other Business

Attendees formed table work groups to develop a series of questions for an online survey. Responses will assist in shaping DROPS strategy at a global level. Draft survey will be presented to members for approval prior to publication.

Click here to download the table top work sheet. If you wish to add your comments or ideas, please write to

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