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DROPS FORUM - Houston, 16th November 2009

Gentry Perry, Safety Mgt Systems; Tim Waguespack, Safety Mgt Systems; Bob Fitzgerald, Aker Solutions; Keith Stratton, Bassdrill; Clive Mohamed, BP; Steve Cudd, Cudd Energy Services; Rusty Fox, Ensco; Ryan Brashier, Hadco Services; Candice Fogg, Hadco Services; Andy Grieve, Hampco; Michael Jackson, Hampco; John Jameson, Helix; Marvin Guidry, Hess; Michael McDermott, Hess; Tim Arnold, Marathon; Jud Simon, Marathon; Lee Gordon, Nord-Lock; Melissa Geigley, NOV; Jackie Johnson, NOV; Terry Allen, Patterson-UTI; Farell Moughon, Pride International; Barry Austin, Reliance Fall Protection; Michael Corcoran, Shell; Jeffrey Elliott, Shell; Greg Reid, DROPS; Allen Smith, DROPS; Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS; Dave White, StopDrop Tooling; Dan Munoz, Transocean; Donnie Willmann, Vetco; Douglas Barnette, Weatherford; Anthony Gaspard, Weatherford; Landry Gatlin, Weatherford; Jade Washmon, Shell; Terry Pickrel, Occusafe; Travis Markin, Occusafe; Karl Appleton, NOV; Burk Shaw, Medsafe; Keith Peden, Hercules Offshore; Rick Hineie, Hercules Offshore; Chris Lee, LHR Services; James Hykel, Helmerich & Payne; Mauricio Cuervo, Helmerich & Payne; Ben Horner, Dropsafe; Joe Thompson, Marathon; Clark Dees, Helmerick & Payne; Dennis Moutray, Helmerick & Payne; Wade Deer, HPIDC.

Greg Reid opened the Forum and followed with a safety brief.

DROPS Overview – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg gave an overview of DROPS - a global workgroup with the single focus on the prevention of Dropped Objects. Dropped Objects is the 2nd highest killer in our Industry and is identifiable across all sectors of the supply chain. 
DROPS Forums identify key focus areas where improvements can be made and establish small volunteer focus groups to work these issues through to deliverable improvements in the form of campaigns, procedures, tools or products. Work Group members all participate contribute and help drive the direction and deliverables of the Campaign.
Attendees were introduced to the DROPS Campaign Pack that all members received. The work pack contains all the information and products that DROPS produce and disseminate and provide the source information to employ an effective Dropped Object Prevention practice.
DROPS adopt Best Practices and share these around the world with other members. The DROPS website is a principal tool for sharing information, and most DROPS products can be downloaded from the website. 
DROPS Global model was shown. Greg explained that DROPS USA would host their own Regional Forums and make their own decisions on Focus Issues for the year ahead. DROPS Global will provide support and assistance both in the implementation of the regional chapter and continuously in the future. Examples of current products and focus issues were discussed, including Newsletters, Prompt Cards, Posters, DORIS, Training etc and example products were presented to all attendees.
Greg explained the outline of The Reliable Securing booklet. All attendees received a copy. The new version is now available to purchase and all members will receive their free copy in the coming weeks.
Greg concluded the DROPS overview by highlighting the benefits of DROPS… members choose the priorities in their area… they benefit from the knowledge and best practice of all other regions and members… they have a true opportunity to drive the direction of DROPS and bring their concerns and priorities to the fore.

Safety Cover – Ben Horner, Dropsafe
Ben showed a presentation that gave us details on Dropsafe’s Mesh Safety Cover. Samples were passed around for participants to inspect closely. The product was developed after consultation with drilling contractors and each product comes with a Certificate of Test and Examination. These can secure a variety of overhead fixtures i.e. lights, cameras etc. It works by securing both the fixture and the fixture components by an integrated security cable. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. For further information, please emailRob Schlipper

The Cost of Accidents – Greg Reid, DROPS
Also shown was an SGB DVD on unsafe behaviours and included a scaffolding themed incident. The DVD is part of the DROPS Members Campaign Pack. If you wish to become a DROPS member, please email DROPS Administration with all enquiries.

Fall Protection – Barry Austin, Reliance
We were shown a DVD based presentation about tool and equipment lanyard products that Reliance has uniquely developed to help prevent dropped objects. The tools lanyards can be used for items up to 50lbs (22.6kg) for added safety. The presentation gave an overview of the science that they used to calculate the forces of a dropped object and how they went about designing elasticised lanyards with built in energy absorption. 
For further information please email Barry Austin with all enquiries or visit the Reliance Website. 

DROPS Products – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview of the latest products that are available to members that will help eliminate Dropped Objects. One product is the best practice that we learned from Den Helder, a Rogues Gallery. We now have our first Rogue’s Gallery cabinet installed at Bristow’s heliport in Aberdeen, UK displaying actual dropped objects associated with incidents in North Sea Operations. More Rogues’ Galleries are planned for the future and delegates were asked to consider mini-versions – perhaps in their reception areas. Allen noted that the reluctance for companies to release dropped objects does make the gathering of exhibits a time-consuming process and appealed to all for exhibit donations.
We have also an awareness workshop based on a Snakes & Ladders theme. The package comprises a poster set and a Snakes & Ladders game board, where the traditional squares have been replaced with merits (ladders) for DROPS improvements and penalties (snakes) for DROPS failings. All delegates were given a copy of the product and additional copies can be purchased by contacting DROPS Administration 
Allen demonstrated the new electronic (Excel) DROPS calculator developed for DROPS by Shell and this is now available for download from the DROPS website. The user inputs the height and weight of an object directly into the calculator to automatically plot the potential outcome.
Allen also demonstrated the beta version of the Dropped Object Register of Incidents and Statistics (DORIS). DORIS is a secure database where DROPS Focal Points can anonymously input their own organisations dropped object statistics, ultimately providing DROPS with a clearer overall picture of dropped object prevention performance. Statistical reports will be issued on a regular basis by DROPS throughout the year. The system is currently undergoing testing with live access available by Q2 2010.


Bolt Securing System - Lee Gordon, Nordlock
Lee Gordon showed a presentation and demo on the Nord-Lock bolt securing system. Traditional bolt securing products have limitations of friction grip and Nord-lock has developed washers that rely upon geometry, not friction. These bolts can be used in a variety of applications i.e. CCTV, structural joints, lifting gear, gratings, handrails etc. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 
Please email Lee Gordon with all Nordlock enquiries. 

Oilfield Trash – Allen Smith, DROPS 
A short presentation highlighting the global epidemic of uncertified locally modified or fabricated equipment. This presentation included an overview of actual and potential dropped object incidents caused by equipment that was not suitable for use in the workplace. The problem was illustrated by a series of photos of locally modified or fabricated items that were found whilst undertaking DROPS Hazard Hunts or Sweeps on various installations. Modified equipment exposes the workforce to unnecessary risks and potential fatalities. The presentation is available to download from the DROPS website. DROPS Full Stop Newsletter Issue 10 includes a sample template for Hazard Hunt campaigning. 

Dave White, StopDropTooling
Dave gave a presentation and demonstrated a selection of tools and equipment specifically designed for work at height. The tools comprise novel retention and fall arrest protection without impeding the intended use of the tool. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. For further information please emailDave White with all enquiries or visit the StopDrop Tooling Website. 

Go Home Safe DVDs – Go-Home Safe
One of latest workshop DVD’s that Go-Home Safe has produced was shown. These are language free workshop based DVD’s. The latest in the series are two based on lifting operations Crane Operations Offshore and Crane Skip Lifting Operations (quayside). 
For further information please email Steve Allerton or Azimuth Corp with all enquiries.

DROPS USA Chapter – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg gave an overview of what the USA chapter would involve. The USA Committee would be appointed and they would then have to set up the Regional Forums, Regional Focus Groups, Regional Communication and Regional Products. They would however receive support from DROPS Global. The objectives of the USA chapter would be to explore and implement opportunities to improve Dropped Object Prevention. We would also require the USA Committee to promote and market DROPS throughout the region. More in-depth details would be given at the next day’s event. 

The Way Ahead – Greg Reid, DROPS
The way forward for USA is for companies to become DROPS Members, a regional Steering Committee to be set up and then focus groups and meetings will follow. Key goal is to spread the DROPS message. DROPS Training is also available. A Train-The-Trainer course would follow the meeting. 

Open Floor and Any Other Business
Greg invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session. Key focus issues that the US attendees would like to see tackled in 2010 was noted and will be proposed to the Steering Committee in due course. 
These were: 
• Communication with Supply Chain – Design, Manufacturing, Logistics, Back Loading
• Communication with Onshore Support Functions – Procurement, Training
• Derrick Equipment Best Practice – Top Drive, Compensator, and Pipe handling Equipment etc 
• Yard / Third Party Activities – Raise Awareness of DROPS Inspection