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RSRUK Management and Prevention of Dropped Objects


DROPS Forum September 2022

Chris McCrindle Repsol Sinopec UK

Chris summarised the changing picture of dropped objects, as assets age corrosion is playing a part in the increase of static dropped objects. A multi-layered strategic approach ensures ownership, accountability and systematic planned and unplanned inspections of all structures.

Annual ‘de-risking’ of items is undertaken by area, managed through a bespoke RSRUK Drops database with several intuitive functions which were ably demonstrated by Scott McShane.

Chris echoed the emphasis on learning from dynamic incidents in particular the need for lift plans to be clear, easily understood on site, containing information specific to the lift, defined roles and responsibilities, and where deviation occurs and the plan cannot be complied with, MoC must take primacy.

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10 Oct 2022