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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 17th September 2019

DROPS Summary – Allen Smith, DROPS

Allen provided a brief summary of DROPS Global activities and administration. Please click here to download the update.
Click here to download the Summary presentation.

Management and Prevention of Dropped Objects – Chris McCrindle, RepsolSinopecUK
An excellent example of DROPS Best Practice application and management across upstream operations. This presentation outlined a risk-based approach to establish and implement preventive and mitigating measures in the production environment.
Positive reaction from delegates highlighted the approach was Integrity led, not just an HSE campaign.
Click here to download the presentation.

Restricted Access Zone Management – Wayne Bradford, Transocean
Overview of how Transocean has established clear zone management principles for each asset, installed protected step back areas to remove personnel from ‘line of fire’ and exploited proximity detection technologies to control personnel access.
Click here to download the presentation.

Dunnage Mat Product Development – Sam Harding, ScotGrip
Revised designs for dunnage mats to address potential for mats to ‘stick’ to the underside of cargo units, resulting in dropped objects.
Highlighted potential for many more items such as wood to inadvertently attach themselves to the underside of containers, skips etc, particularly in harsh weather.
Click here to download the presentation.

Gratings Standards and Compliance – Mark Johnson, Lionweld Group
Background to current BS and EU regulations in respect of the dimensions for openings in gratings. Overview of the 35mm/20mm sphere requirements and respective applications clarified maximum tolerance. DROPS Reliable Securing quotes maximum of 1500mm2.
Click here to download the presentation and related specifications.

DROPS Management System Fundamentals Workshop – Steve Harris, LR
A refreshing and stimulating interactive presentation broaden the mind and encourage reviews of existing management systems and how these are assured and how personnel are motivated toward organisational success.
Click here to download the presentation, which includes full contact details for Steve Harris.

Summary – Allen Smith
Update on proposed global online Survey, look out for email in due course!

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