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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 6 December 2018

Allen Smith (DROPS) opened the forum, a safety brief and introductions followed.

DROPS Summary
Allen provided an overview of DROPS globally and highlighted below:


Since last Forum, we are delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members:
TEXO Group (Aberdeen)
Astron Certification (UAE)

The following former members have not renewed their membership:
CAPE plc

DROPS Global Admin is issuing final reminders to members that have still to respond to request for annual subscription payments. Also, reminder to all members to keep us updated with any changes to your designated DROPS Focal Point. Please notify changes to

Steering Committee

Welcome to Spirit Energy and Saipem. We continue to seek Operators and Service Partners to sit on Steering Committee alongside KCA Deutag, Shell, BP, Transocean, Diamond and Repsol Sinopec.

DROPS North America

Annual DROPS Forum held in New Orleans on Thursday 8th November. Summary and Presentations available here.
Broad and challenging workscope for Chapter moving into 2019, including possible online training, review of DROPS Recommended Practice and more.

DROPS Middle East Chapters

DROPS Saudi Arabia and DROPS Oman meeting regularly. Regional DROPS Standard approved for issue in 2019.
Developing further interest in the Region to establish Gulf State Chapters.

DROPS Asia Chapter

DROPS Asia continue with their programme of Webinars (recordings available to download here).
DROPS Asia looking for additional Operators support for their Steering Committee.

DROPS Norway

Planning to reschedule Forum in Q1 of 2019 and requests / suggestions for presentations should be sent to

2019 UK DROPS Forums

Provisional dates have been agreed with the Marcliffe and will be confirmed / posted online shortly: (30 April, 17 September, 05 December)

DROPS Training

Since last forum, Train-the-Trainer has been held in Ghana, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Norway, USA (Houston and New Orleans, Mexico, Brazil and Banchory!)
UK dates for 2019 are scheduled for 24 January, 12 March, 07 May, 27 June. See Training section of DROPS website for a training synopsis and all upcoming dates.
Train-the-Trainer will also be held in Dubai on 10 December, with future international dates and locations being considered.

DROPS Campaigns and Marketing

DROPS Winter Campaign and be downloaded here.
DROPS marketing materials available to all with Banners, Presentations, Posters, Snakes n Ladders, Literature. Materials are currently being reviewed and refreshed. All requests to

DROPS Focus Groups

Before February Forum, DROPS Admin will gather details from global chapters to establish other working group activities. Objectives for 2019 include review and update of DROPS Best Practice Guidance documents.

Presenters, Presentations and Support

Many thanks to our Presenters today. If you wish to nominate or request a presentation or table-top demonstration for consideration at a future DROPS event, or if you have an alert or lesson learned to share, please contact
DROPS Secretary will continue to issue a random invitation to a different DROPS member requesting a short 15-minute presentation on that member’s DROPS perspective / issues / learnings.

Presentations and Lessons Learned

The content of today’s agenda will be posted with Forum minutes in due course. Please continue to submit your DROPS-related alerts and lessons learned to

Subsea Awareness Campaign – Mark Ellington, Subsea 7

A set of 3 short informative videos developed by Subsea 7 to help eradicate dropped objects. These videos covered three key topics namely Working at Height, Lifting Operations and Maintenance Activities and will soon be available to DROPS members via International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) website. Click here to view the videos.

Potential Incident Summary & Lessons Learned – Gillian Marr, Expro

A potential dropped object incident identified during a backloading crane operation. The learnings relate directly to the design, manufacture and inspection of transportable assets that feature removable panels. Click here to view or download the presentation.

ARCUS – Andy Flischer, Askaris

A flexible and bespoke inspection, management and maintenance framework that can interact with other existing systems and utilises RFID tags to positively identify and record assets. Click here to view or download the presentation. Further information on ARCUS is available directly from Askaris.

Lift Minimisation – Umar Abbas, Shell

A focus on Lift Minimisation has had a significant operational impact; a considerable reduction in the number of lifts and a noticeable decrease in the frequency of dynamic dropped objects.

Dropped Objects – Recent Experience – George McPherson, BP

Highlights of BP’s global assessment of DROPS management systems and practices across a number of wells-related activities. Also included updates on BP’s engagements with industry bodies in support of DROPS Recommended Practice.

Closing Remarks & Any Other Business – Allen Smith, DROPS

A round up of current global DROPS activities and working groups. Audience discussion relating to the potential financial consequences of a non-injurious dropped object, specifically resources expended as a result of investigations etc. Suggestion to look at effective ways of sharing information and statistics (other than the redundant DROPS DORIS system) through the OGP data resource.

Festive lunch was provided to all participants from generous sponsorship from OES Group.
Next forum will be held on 30 April 2019 at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen.